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Seven Questions is a monthly conversation about board games that is organized around a quiz show. The host of Seven Questions is Jason White, formerly of the wargaming podcast Point 2 Point.
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Nov 1, 2016

Jason Waeber and Elijah Moreland of The Albino and the Bear podcast join TJ and Jason for this episode of Seven Questions. Their discussion ranges from those elusive formulae that designers seek to those elusive out of print games that collectors seek to those gaming life goals that you all know you have. 

Aug 1, 2016

In this episode, Jason is joined by Geoff Engelstein, designer of games such as the upcoming titles The Fog of War and The Dragon and Flagon and  co-host of Ludology, Kaarin Engelmann, designer of one of Jason's favorite games (Rise and Fall), assistant convention director and webmaster for the World Boardgaming Championships, and recurring panelist Tom Jones. The panel talks about gaming general knowledge such as "What is a wargame?" and "What is a Euro?" (even "what the heck is a waro?"). The trivia game is a little more brutal than normal, with a penalty for a "predictably wrong" answer. 

Jul 22, 2016


J.R. Tracy, blogger and essayist recently published in the anthology Zones of Control.

Tom Grant, Host of I've Been Diced

Tom Jones (TJ), Recurring Panelist

This episode deals with the problem of modeling fog of war and what systems do it well. Discussion also includes friction. The trivia is related to fog of war. 

May 10, 2016


Tom Grant of I've Been Diced

Tom Jones, recurring panelist

Chad Mekash, frequent podcast and BGG contributor

The trivia is about the Czech Republic, which the panelist know more about than they expect! The gaming conversation is about one of our favorite designers, Vlaada Chvatil. The panel talks about what makes Vlaada unique and his more influential designs. They also talk briefly about his more obscure designs, discovering that there are some that they hope to play (Bunny Bunny Moose Moose, anyone?). 

Mar 26, 2016

This episode is about the biggest 2.0 of all, World War II. In particular, this episode is about the war in Europe. This episode's panelists include Tom Grant of I've Been Diced, TJ, a recurring panelist on I've Been Diced, and JR Tracy, ASL tournament shark and all around gaming legend. The gaming discussion ranges from favorite games to an exciting preview of an upcoming game to the question, "Is putting Hitler in power a decision that is too large for a game?" This episode is a great discussion on one of the favorite gaming subjects. 

Mar 2, 2016

Our second episode is released with a heavy heart. One of the people expected to be a regular panelist, Kevin Sudy, unexpectedly died on February 15, 2016. He is greatly missed already. This episode is one of the pilots we recorded before going public in January. While it's raw and while there were recording issues (that we have since resolved), it still gives another glimpse into the entertaining and insightful man that Kevin was. We talk about multiplayer gaming and the quiz is on historical coalitions and alliances. 

Jan 27, 2016

In this new podcast from Jason White, formerly of the Point 2 Point podcast and a current recurring panelist on the I've Been Diced podcast, guests engage in a conversation about gaming while also playing a lighthearted trivia game. In this episode, Tom Grant of the I've Been Diced podcast, local game group organizer Ted, and expert game explainer Kevin Sudy join Jason to discuss a variety of gaming starts: their own starts in gaming, how to start a game group, and how to get people into gaming, among other topics. The trivia topic is historical beginnings.